How to sell gold ?
1)  Choose your game and server
2)  Fill informaion required for a smooth transaction and submit your order
3)  Contact our live customer support to process your order
4)  Login game and wait for instruction
5)  Deliver your gold in game
6)  Payment will be sent right after gold received
7)  Transaction complete.


Why our price is a scale but not a exact one?
We raise and decrease our price in accordance to market supply and demand. When supply is short and demand is high, prices will increase. When supply is plentiful but there is little demand, prices will decrease. This is the reason for changing prices and also why currency prices may vary from serverto server on one game.


How do I deliver the gold?
1)  Face to face trade
2)  Guild bank deposit or withdraw
3)  Auction House
We trade face to face generally but please do check with our live support for details.


How do I get paid?
Currently ,you can choose to be paid through Paypal ,Moneybookers,Libertyreserve,Westernunion ,Moneygram,Perfect Money,Webmoney,Payza,Egopay and more.


How long will it take?
Transactions can be finished within minutes normally.But it can occasionally take up to 30 minutes or longer depending on order volumes and server traffic.


How do I get my keys?
All keys and game cards will be sent to you via e-mail or messengers immediately upon gold arrival .


What happens if I get a bad code?
Every code we receive, sell, and distribute is valid. Unfortunately, errors in transmission do crop up from time to time, and we will work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.In almost all cases of a "bad code" report, it's due to invalid data entry-either from us to you or from you to the website. Since we retain all titles in-ouse for 30 days after sending you the code, we'll be happy to verify the code for you if you should encounter any difficulties.


How can I trust you?
This is a reputable site that's in business since 2008.We have come so far not because we exist but because we live up with our reputation.We have been and always will be providing legit and better service.You can check Testimonials on our site or reputation on other trading forums for more details.


What happened if I got banned ?
Please be aware that RMT is against rules of the game and may cause account suspension.The chance of getting banned is really low when selling to us but it's not guaranteed.All the transactions are based on free will and mutual benefit,we are not responsible for anything after payment made.


How do I get member points ?
In order to gain member point,first you need to register as a member of our site, then you need to place selling order  everytime you sell or trade gold to us.Member point is no longer available for adding if you didn't place an order when trading or haven't remind us within 6 hours.